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Favorite Oil Paint Color:  Prussian Blue
Most Loved Vacation Destination: Paris... or maybe Vienna
Guilty Pleasure: Naps snuggling with my cuddly kids
Pets: 1 old dog (Henry), 1 old chicken (Breakfast), 1 new borrowed neighborhood cat (Snack)
Irresistible Food: Olives 
Most Enjoyed Art Museum: St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts
Favorite Art Technique Book: Landscape Painting by Mitchell Albala
Best Season: Fall then Winter
# of Stoplights in the Town Where You Grew Up: 0, but there was one flashing yellow light
Coffee Consumption per Day: Completely unreasonable amounts of Love Buzz coffee from Equal Exchange, very milky 
Best Way to Travel: By fast trains with tea, KitKat, sketchbook and magazine
Most Loved Famous Dead Mostly Male (sigh) Artists: Claude Monet, Édouard Manet, Childe Hassam, Albrecht Dürer, Thomas Moran, Franz Marc, Berthe Morisot, Wassily Kandinsky, Gustav Klimt
Constantly Re-read Books: The Time Traveler's Wife, the Outlander series
Exercise Choice: Running, often stopping to take painting reference photos
Painter Monica D'Angelo in Idaho
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