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Monica D'Angelo is a professional oil painter who lives in south-central Idaho.  She is inspired by the dramatic rock walls of the nearby Snake River Canyon, she loves to capture the vastness and  extraordinary beauty of the modern American West through works focusing on regional landscapes.  She was born and raised in Appalachia where she gained her love of art and nature.  As a child, she was frequently  covered in paint with the assistance of her mother, a (now retired) middle school art teacher.  After a childhood spent covered in paint, she took a slight turn and went to college to study science  After many years of focusing on using the only left side of her brain, she became concerned that the creative part of her brain was atrophying from disuse.  Her husband, John, encouraged her to pick up a paintbrush again and she rediscovered the joy of creating art again, just in time.  She now combines her love of science and art in the exploration of landscape painting. 

While she did attend quite a bit of school, ironically, hardly any of it applies to her current art career.  She is a primarily self-taught artist and is constantly compelled to develop and advance her skills through self-directed, independent study of technique and art history.  A few years ago, she began selling large and small landscape paintings professionally.  Presently, she specializes in commission work and artist-directed work in series.  Her paintings feature saturated colors and thick, textured paint.  She believes that art is a vital part of the human experience and loves painting artwork that inspires feelings of peace or joy in her collectors and enhances their daily space. 

She lives and works in Twin Falls, Idaho with her wonderful husband and two amazing children.  Her work is in public and private collections throughout the United States and has been featured in gallery exhibits and shows.

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