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Thousand Springs!

I’ll be at Thousand Springs next Saturday and Sunday. It’s in Hagerman and apparently a gorgeous area to explore. I haven’t actually been there yet, so I’m planning to take some photo references while we’re there. Come see me!

I’ll have this painting with me. I’ve been doing lot of sunflowers lately because it’s one of the things about Idaho that I just love. I like that they joyfully grow anywhere around here without irrigation, under the hot desert sun, and in suboptimal soil (like right beside the road). I feel like they’re just happy to be here. The title of this one is “I Wanted to Get Out of the Car and Look Around.” I had my husband pull over on our way home from a trip to Ketchum and I spent some time crouching down to get photos from just the right angle while he hung out in the car with our sleeping little one.

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