Daily Flower Painting #2: "Peeking Through"

Daily Flower Painting #2: "Peeking Through"



- Each one will cost the number of the day (day 1 painting is $1 + shipping, day 18 painting is $18 + shipping, etc...) until I get to #45 which will be $45, the price I should charge for this size. :)  Then we'll all continue on our merry way with 4" x 4"s in this flora collection for sale at $45.


- First come, first served.


- Listed at noon each day starting on Jan 24.  (If there is any change to the listing time, I'll be updating on my IG stories, follow me there!)


- If they aren't sold after 24 hours, paintings revert to their actual price, $45. So don't waste time.  

- 4" x 4" canvas, gallery wrapped, depth is 1 3/8".

- Back finished with dustcover and hanging bracket.

- Edges painted with Prussian Blue for modern look (no frame needed although you could add one if you wanted).


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