Specks of Stars: You are like sunshine.

This is one original 4 in. x 4 in oil painting on gallery profile canvas, 1 3/8" depth with the sides painted Prussian Blue.  The front of the canvas is varnished.  The photos show the front image and a photo of the message written under the paint which you can no longer see but it is written on the back.   There is a positive message originally painted on the canvas and then painted over with bright colors and thick, textured paint.  The message is written on the back as well.  When you buy one, if you would like to write something (or tell me something if you are distant) on the next empty canvas, I will use that as inspiration for my next painting.  It's an easier idea to explain in person, so if you have questions please call, email, send smoke signals or a homing pigeon. 



The idea:  I want art to make you happy.  I took that idea literally and wrote something positive, happy or hopeful on each canvas (and write it on the back).  Then, I paint over the message so it becomes part of the work.  When someone buys one, I have them write something on the next empty canvas and then I paint that.  It increases connection and community.  The goal is to leave a little wish, thought or just good energy for someone else out there.   I use bright colors so they are not only an actual bright spot in your house but they've also got some good thoughts floating around with them.   I am posting all of the before-paint and after-paint images so that you can check up on your thoughts.  


The series:  Specks of Stars is an ongoing series that began in 2018 and will be continued indefinitly. 



  • Return Policy

    I want you to love, love, love the piece you purchase.  If you ever have any problems with it, please let me know and I will fix it or paint you something new.  If you change your mind within 30 days, I will refund you the full purchase price, less shipping costs once you send the painting back to me. 

  • Painting Care

    Direct Sunlight

    It is best to keep your painting in an area that does not get direct sunlight.  Although I use lightfast paints from Gamblin, so the colors should be maintained for a long time, it is still a good idea to avoid direct, harsh light.



    Each painting is varnished to protect it.  If it ever gets dusty or dirty, the varnish can be removed without affecting the underlying paint and then revarnished. 



    Each painting can be hung with hardware or even just a small nail since they are lightweight.  The 4x4 paintings come without hardware because you may find that a shelf or desk is the perfect place for your painting.  If you think you'll need hardware, let me know before I ship the painting and I can put a hanger and two nails in the package for you to attach as you wish. 



    If there are any issues or problems over time, please contact me so that I can fix them or paint you something new. 


© Monica D'Angelo 2020

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